• We have to admit that knowledge, Knowledge Management (KM), and technology have changed and are still changing our way of thinking, our behaviour, attitudes, life styles, and types of relations. In short, knowledge management, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Computer-Based Technology (CBT), and other nano-technologies are the latest paradigm shift that has changed the entire way of many people's minds and lives. Few studies have been conducted on the link between KM, CRM, IT, and TRM. The purpose of this chapter is to develop a better understanding of the interrelationship between KM, CRM, IT, and TRM. This chapter presents a proposed model of Knowledge-Oriented Total Relationship Management (KTRM) with some technological knowledge management directions. Finally, recommendations regarding the implementation of KTRM are provided. ()
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  • Total Relationship Management of Knowledge and Information Technology for Innovation: A Total Knowledge Management (TKM) Perspective ()


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