• Entities on theWeb of Data need to have labels in order to be exposable to humans in a meaningful way. These labels can then be used for exploring the data, i.e., for displaying the entities in a linked data browser or other front-end applications, but also to support keywordbased or natural-language based search over the Web of Data. Far too many applications fall back to exposing the URIs of the entities to the user in the absence of more easily understandable representations such as human-readable labels. In this work we introduce a number of labelrelated metrics: completeness of the labeling, the efficient accessibility of the labels, unambiguity of labeling, and the multilinguality of the labeling. We report our findings from measuring the Web of Data using these metrics. We also investigate which properties are used for labeling purposes, since many vocabularies define further labeling properties beyond the standard property from RDFS. ()
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