• The development of E-Community is right now moving towards the era of post intelligent city from the usage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and cyber-spaces making the facftors of space, time, borders and time to shrink. This also evident during the era of post intelligent city where the question of digital divide has become inconsiderably less thought about because of the increase of ICT access among residents. What has happened is that the issue of digital opportunity has risen where man is considered as homo intelligence that is free to adapt, diffuse and innovate ICT based on their needs. The social effects happened due to the hyperreality phenomenon that is molded by culture due to cyberimperialism of the west especially to this side of the region. From the thought point of view these phenomenon of digital opportunity has developed the thoughts of hyperreliasm that varies among e-communities within intelligent cities. The hyperrealism thoughts can affect the community positively and negatively to the development of intelligent city and e-community. In relation to that, hyperreliasm thoughts is divided into a few sections which includes hypercare, hypercommodity, hyperconsumption, hypermarket, hypersensibility, hypersexuality, hyperspace and hypercyberethics. Therefore, this paper will look to discuss the positive and negative aspects of all the thoughts of hyperreliasms among the community after 16 years of development in Putrajaya using descriptive analysis. ()
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  • Post intelligent city development and hyperrealism of E-community ()


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