• In recent years, apparel mobile commerce has experienced a rapid development in China, which is largely fueled by proliferation of smartphones, decreased cost of mobile data, increasing number of m-tailers, and shift of consumer shopping style toward mobility and time flexibility. Some apparel m-tailers can attract millions of visitors to their web sites everyday while others seem not appealing to consumers. Thus, this study aims to identify the effects of key features of mobile web site quality on the Chinese consumer satisfaction that in turn affects their intent to shop apparel via mobile web sites. Six dimensions of mobile web site quality, including web site visual appeal, apparel visual appeal, brand trust, web site informativeness, web site response time, and web site security, were investigated. Using the primary data collected via an online survey, multiple regression analysis was applied to test the proposed relationships. Results reveal that web site informativeness, web site visual appeal, apparel visual appeal, and web site security positively affect consumer satisfaction toward apparel m-commerce web site while web site response time and brand trust show insignificant impacts on consumer satisfaction. With higher satisfaction on apparel m-commerce web site, consumers are more likely to purchase apparel through the web site. ()
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  • 2018-03-29 ()
  • 10.1007/978-981-10-8429-4_3 ()
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  • 2018-01-01 ()
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  • How Web site Quality Affects Apparel Mobile Commerce Consumer Satisfaction and Intent to Purchase? A Study of Chinese Consumers ()


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