• At this day and age, it is considered to be the era of technological advancement, where countries strive for technological development and becoming a smart government not only for power but also to providing a safer, smarter and sustainable environment for their people, businesses, industries and governmental authorities. Therefore, seminars and conferences are held internationally every year where companies offer solutions on the transformation of cities to smart ones such as GITEX, IEEE seminars, Smart Government conferences and etc. Frameworks are always at the doorsteps of the governments being proposed to take upon the initiative of creating E-Governments. Many cities have become smart governments and are at the verge of becoming fully mature, cities like Amsterdam[1], New York[2], Songdo[3], Dublin [4] and even Dubai [5]. But there is one aspect that governments find challenging to achieving success when e-Government projects are implemented, that aspect is the citizens' behavior and attitude towards the e-Government systems [6]. This means that one of the major challenges of the governments are the citizens' acceptance to the e-Government systems and having interest in using the services, because people do not have the strong bond of trust when it comes to online technologies because of fear of security breaches [6]. Even Dubai, which is considered as a multicultural city, finds this enigma challenging [7]. Hence, this paper discusses about the E-Government Frameworks proposed by authors which is more citizen centric and touch upon the issues as well as the success factors about E-Governance (Government2Citizen) aspects. Also a tailored framework is derived from the discovered factors which will be discussed over Dubai's case as being a smart government. Finally, some G2C industry solutions will be displayed and compared in a table for the various features each vendor offers in the today's market. ()
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  • E-governance (G2C) in the public sector: citizens acceptance to E-government systems - Dubai's case ()


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