• Domain ontology is a model that regulates the core knowledge of domain description and semantic organization, which changes along with the change of domain knowledge. Automated or semi-automated evolution approaches are the hot researches in the dynamic update of domain ontology. In the relevant researches of domain ontology evolution, the most of them are based on the unstructured domain corpora. Chinese or English word segmentation tools are adopted to conduct the pattern matching so as to realize the evolution of ontology, which is relatively complicated. This paper puts forward the way of realizing ontology evolution based on the structured data. DBpedia is a comprehensive and huge structured data set extracted from Wikipedia, whose data structure can effectively connect with ontology data, so as to provide an feasible acquisition way of data in the semi-automatic evolution of domain ontology. This paper adopts the DBpedia structured data set as the evolution source of domain ontology, and puts forward the evolution methods of domain ontology based on the DBpedia. The main steps include DBpedia information extraction and optimization, access to evolutionary information, change operation of ontology and consistency checking. Taking the domain ontology of high-speed railway as an experimental object, this paper realizes the simultaneous evolution of Chinese and English domain ontology in it, which provides references to the evaluation of Chinese domain ontology based on DBpedia. ()
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  • 10.1007/s11277-017-5231-y ()
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  • Research on the Evolution Method of Domain Ontology Based on DBpedia ()
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