• The present study examines the impact of two shopping values and three website characteristics and e-trust on shoppers' e-satisfaction. Earlier studies have identified various factors that affect shoppers' online satisfaction. It is pertinent to validate those factors in the developing economies and none of the earlier studies have explored this. To fill this gap, the study validates the scales of these constructs in the Indian context. The results reveal a positive and significant impact of utilitarian shopping value, web entertainment, effectiveness of information content, web informativeness and e-trust on shoppers' satisfaction. This paper did not find any impact of hedonic shopping values on shoppers' satisfaction. From managerial perspectives, the study can be used as a guide for online retailers in encouraging e-shopping by creating conducive websites that attract shoppers. For future researchers, this has validated scales in Indian context. ()
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  • 2017-07-14 ()
  • 10.4018/IJSDS.2017040104 ()
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  • Online Shoppers' Satisfaction: The Impact of Shopping Values, Website Factors and Trust ()
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