• The academic interest in social concepts in city contexts, such as sense of place and social capital, has been growing in the last decades. We present a systematic literature review that confirms the strong relationship between sense of place and social capital, from a social sciences point-of-view. It also reveal that little attention has been paid to their spatial dimensions at the urban level, thereby missing the chance to exploit socio-spatial knowledge to improve the day-to-day life in and functioning of the city (e.g. in planning processes, citizen participation, civic engagement). We therefore examine sense of place and social capital from a Geographic Information Science (GISc) viewpoint, and present a formal conceptualization and initial theoretical framework which explicitly describes both concepts, and the relation between them, within the context of a city and from a spatial point of view. ()
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  • Place and city: Operationalizing sense of place and social capital in the urban context ()
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