• Human resource information systems (HRIS) are adopted and used in various organizations all over the world. Following on this trend, universities including those in South Africa have also adopted and are using such systems for their human resource (HR) purposes. However there is still a lack of understanding on how organizations such as universities adopt and use HRIS. This paper provides a conceptual research framework for HRIS adoption and use. Specifically the paper addresses the determinants and dimensions of HRIS as both a process (adoption and use process) and as an outcome in a university. The simultaneous examination of both adoption and use, and how the adoption process may influence use is a novel, holistic approach to understanding IS within organizations ()
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  • 2017-05-19 ()
  • 10.1109/ICTAS.2017.7920654 ()
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  • 2017-03-01 ()
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  • A conceptual research framework for human resource information systems adoption and use in universities ()


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