• A framework related to how to benchmark public websites in the labour sector is proposed using approaches coming from eGovernment. A methodological approach to benchmark these sites is presented consisting of a set of indicators to be applied step-by-step to labour websites to evaluate their usage and effectiveness. The paper shows how this approach, although general enough, does not work for some cases. These cases are illustrated for two information systems offering Public Employment Services, namely the information system of Lombardy - Italy (Borsa Lavoro Lombardia) and the information system of Catalonia - Spain (Servei d'Ocupacio de Catalunya). The paper tries to find out the motivations of success and of failure of these two cases, which relate to very similar social, economic, and territorial situations and yet evolved into very different systems with diverse stories and a different final result in usage and success. In fact, while Borsa Lavoro Lombardia is currently non-operative, SOC (https://gia... ()
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  • 2017-05-12 ()
  • 10.1504/IJWET.2017.084022 ()
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  • A framework for benchmarking public websites in the labour sector ()
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