• Organizations produce information that contributes to decision making and to the consequent results. It is necessary, therefore, to understand the resources available and the principal characteristics of information for the decision-making process in order to perfect a Management Information System (MIS). This article evaluates the effectiveness of the MIS of the Legislative Assembly of the Brazilian state of Amazonas (ALEAM) for decision making under the new rules for accounting uniformity in the public sector. The present work is an empirical-analytical study which uses an exploratory, descriptive, qualitative-quantitative methodology, studying the effectiveness of ALEAM's management information system from the perspective of ALEAM management staff. Based on the study by Sa (2013), who conducted similar research with the various Brazilian states, our study revealed that ALEAM's MIS suffers from several limitations that may undermine its effectiveness and diverges from recent trends for Systems adapted to the needs of the public sector. It is concluded that investment in technology and human capital is indispensable for optimizing system performance. ()
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  • Avalia??o do Sistema de Informa??es Gerenciais da Assembleia Legislativa do Amazonas Evaluation of the Management Information System of the Legislative Assembly of the Brazilian State of Amazonas ()


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