• The goal of an E-Government system is to allow the government services via an electronic means by providing online information for public accesses. In addition, the services should also focus on improving the quality of public services effectively and efficiently. The website should not only provide information and services, but also should have some certain qualities as key factors for the success of the implementation of the website. In this paper, we propose a quality model to assess the E-government website. The model uses an international standard for quality and equipped with steps to measure it. The quality model use some internal/external metrics. The users of the quality model can be helped with specific tools to help calculate the metrics. We have applied this model to an e-Government website as a case study. The results shows that the model can provide information regarding the the quality of the case study. Thus we belive that our propose model can become an alternative for evaluating the the quality of an e-Government website. ()
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  • 10.1109/ICODSE.2015.7436965 ()
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  • A proposal for a quality model for e-govemment website ()


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