• This chapter examines the information systems success model in the Egyptian context. Much of the existing literature on information system success focuses primarily on the private sector. There are fewer studies that examine success in the context of the development of e-government. This study focuses specifically on local e-government development of projects in Egypt. A survey is administered in three local governments on actual users of information systems. The results of this study confirm much of the existing research on information system success, but highlight the importance of net benefit as a success factor which examines the organizational and managerial context of e-government development. The importance of this research indicates that managerial functions matter for the success of e-government projects. INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND The advancement of e-government projects is critical for the development of countries in Africa (Heeks, 2002a). This chapter examines the success and failure of e-government projects in Egyptian local governments. This chapter applies the Delone and Mclean (1992; 2003) model of information system success to the Egyptian context, something that has not been done in prior research. This chapter examines both the reasons for success and failure of e-government projects and applies an information systems framework using survey data of actual users of a local e-government investment project. E-Government in Africa shows significant promise according to the United Nations e-government surveys. Despite the fact that Africa falls below the world average in terms of rankings, there has been significant improvement in the region, with Northern African countries leading the continent. The top ranked countries in Africa were Tunisia, Mauritius, and Egypt (United Nations, 2010). The World Bank has recognized the importance of e-government for Africa and called for an eTransformation, or using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to promote the lives and well-being of citizens (World Bank, 2010). ()
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  • Success and Failure of Local E-Government Projects: Lessons Learned from Egypt ()


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