• Modern day bankers are in immense pressure to stay in the ever-changing online business. So as to stay in the competition, they have to enhance and foresee what their client needs. There is a dearth of studies in a developing country like India, for finding the success factors of Internet Banking IB from the perspective of the expectations of the IB customer. This study intends to fill that void with the proposed framework by modelling user expectations in terms of the quality dimensions of the Information Systems IS Success model, along with security dimension. Data collected from 312 IB experienced students of a premier educational Institution in India. Structural Equation Modeling has been employed to test the hypotheses of the proposed framework. The results showed that the quality dimensions alongside security, strongly influences the confirmation of user expectations from using the IB website. The study provided a starting point to model IB user expectations. Some managerial implications and future research directions are proposed, based on the results of the study. ()
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  • 10.4018/IJEBR.2016070103 ()
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  • A Modified Approach For Information Systems Success In The Context Of Internet Banking Using Structural Equation Modelling with R: An Empirical Study From India ()
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