• We examine the IS success of an e-government system from employees' perspective.Intention to use/use has the strongest total effect on net benefits.Information quality and service quality do not directly affect user satisfaction.Demographic characteristics do not confound the D&M research model.Training, in the early stages of e-government development, can overcome disparity issues. By using information system (IS) success-based approaches from the perspective of government employees, this paper investigates the success of e-government systems. Structural equation modeling (SEM) techniques were applied to data collected by a questionnaire from 154 employees of e-government systems in Serbia. In this study, we empirically evaluated the model for measuring the success of e-government systems consisting of constructs from the updated DeLone and McLean IS success model coupled with the demographic conditions. Seven out of ten hypothesized relationships between the seven success variables are significantly supported. The findings of this study can be used to assess the success of e-government systems from the standpoint of the government employees. ()
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