• The purpose of this paper is to test the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology UTAUT in the government-to-government environment and determine the influence of different moderating factors of technology acceptance by government employees. By means of a thorough review of the literature in this area, the paper investigates the application of UTAUT through empirical research on the technology acceptance of the E-recovery system by government employees in different governmental organizations. The empirical data from 384 respondents revealed that performance expectancy and social influence determine employees' behavioral intention. Moreover, gender invariance was detected, but employees' age and experience difference was detected as a moderating factor of the model. The findings of the paper can help those involved in information system development, implementation, and use to take the right actions to achieve maximum adoption of the technology, especially if the use of the technology is mandatory for the users. ()
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  • 10.4018/IJEGR.2015100104 ()
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  • Understanding Technology Acceptance of Government Information Systems from Employees' Perspective ()
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