• Investigate the impact of technological characteristics of enterprise systems on user continuance behavior.A conceptual framework using the IS-continuance theory as the theoretical foundation.Influence of the proposed technological characteristics on perceived usefulness or satisfaction was mixed.Results confirmed the basic relationships among the constructs in the IS-continuance theory.Results showed that continuance behavior was influenced by continuance intention and satisfaction. Enterprise systems (ES) have changed the way organizations process their information, yet limited research has been conducted to investigate users' post-adoption perceptions of these sophisticated technologies. Drawing on the IS-continuance theory and the IS success model, this research attempts to fill this gap in the literature by examining the influence of technological characteristics of ES, represented by information and system quality, on users' satisfaction and perceived usefulness, which in turn, affect continuance intention of ES. Furthermore, this study proposes that both satisfaction and continuance intention influence continuance behavior. A research model was developed and empirically examined with data collected from 275 users of ES in China. ()
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  • Assessing the impact of enterprise systems technological characteristics on user continuance behavior ()
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