• ABSTRACT Hypermarket advertising system is an advertising system working in the MANet environment for the devices to communicate spontaneously and operates in a low cost way of advertising. Only one simple server with wireless is needed to set up this system for the hypermarket party and the other wireless devices comes along with the customer. The MANet technology is applied from the idea of the communication between military forces in the battle field. This technology is found quite suitable for the customer to get immediate response and on-demand communication. Since there is no fix infrastructure of MANet, so the cost of build the infrastructure is lower. Customer can get the latest advertisement and stock price and location with just using the PDA or a laptop or other Wi-Fi wireless devices. Prototyping methodology is used in project development process and J2EE and J2ME is used as the language. The project is another new field of advertising that has its own commercial in the future. ()
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  • Hypermarket Advertising System In Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Environment ()


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