• This study aims to quantify the environmental impact of two retail distribution networks and offer consumers a channel that is more beneficial to the environment. The environmental impact of replenishing the packaged beverages sold in convenience stores (CVSs) and hypermarkets is assessed using the streamlined life-cycle assessment (LCA) approach. In this study, the life-cycle impact assessment (LCIA) for packaged beverages up to the point of sale illustrates the distribution-level environmental impacts of truck transportation. The matched-pair t-test shows that the environmental impacts of transporting 1800 cartons of 24-pack/10 oz. beverages to be sold in Carrefour and 7-11 stores is different at a significance level of 0.1. The transport-focused LCA is used to improve the understanding and compare the environmental characteristics of the two distribution and retail systems. This study constitutes a vehicle for communicating to both internal and external stakeholders the environmental profiles of distributing the same product sold through two retail channels. ()
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  • 10.1016/j.trd.2015.11.008 ()
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  • The environmental impact of distribution to retail channels: A case study on packaged beverages ()
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