• Technological advancements have enabled governments across the globe to explore online facilities in offering a range of services to their citizens. One necessary element of offering quality online services is to understand citizens' views and perception towards using such services in contrast with the traditional service methods that they are accustomed to. Therefore, periodical performance assessment of online services is critical to any e-government. In this paper, the authors attempt to explore the underlying factors and various dimensions of e-government service delivery, and propose a performance assessment framework that will assess the quality and trust dimensions of the e-services from citizens' standpoint. A systematic study of the existing performance assessment models such as SERVQAUAL, E-S-Qual and D & M model, has been carried out in establishing the basis for conceptualising a new framework called e-GSQTA (e- government Service Quality and Trust Assessment Framework). The proposed framework will be validated by using the e-tax service offered by the Indian government in subsequent studies. ()
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  • Assessing e-Government Service & Trust: Government to Citizen ()


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