• The adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning systems has many business implications. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of enterprise resource planning on organisational performance of Kenya Power and Lighting Company with a case study of Kenya Power and Lighting Company Voi branch. The specific objectives of this study were; to establish the effects Enterprise Resource Planning on reduction of costs, managerial efficacy, and competitiveness instrumental mentality in relation to organisational performance. Descriptive research design was used in this study and the sample size was 125 respondents. The data was collected using a questionnaire developed by the researcher and administered by research assistant. It was analysed through SPSS software and results presented in frequencies through tables and figures by using ANOVA. The study found that the organisation experienced reduced operation costs; management efficiency, competitive advantage and increased shareholder's profitability. All the factors had great extent of affecting the organisation's performance. The study recommended that top leadership should support the adoption of ERP system for to be successful, adoption of cost effective modules to improve efficiency, adoption of cost friendly modules and organisations should embrace change for them to reap the full benefits of technology. ()
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