• Organizational commitment is an important factor for understanding the work related behaviors of organizational members. Although, there are no standard factors for understanding the organizational commitment as whole, a wide range of factors have been found useful in interpreting organizational commitment. Personality attributes being the most stable structures in the individual is functionally influential in determining one's behavior in various situations at work place. The present study is an attempt to study the level of personality attributes (Self Esteem, Self Efficacy, Self Monitoring & Locus of Control) and work place attitude Organizational Commitment), further it explores the relationship between them. A sample of employees working in private sector banks of Northern Region has been taken into consideration. Descriptive statistics and correlational analysis were applied for each of the four attributes of personality i.e. self esteem, self efficacy, self monitoring, locus of control and one workplace attitude i.e. organizational commitment. Results revealed that respondents (banking employees) have high self esteem i.e. they hold very positive views about themselves. They have high beliefs in their abilities of accomplishing their tasks. Further respondents have moderately low level of self monitoring suggesting thereby that banking employees may not adapt their behaviors as per the expectation of the situation easily. The banking employees have balanced locus of control which indicates that outcomes are attributed to external as well as internal factors. It is also found that employees are highly committed to their respective organizations. Further the general trend of relationship between various personality traits and organizational commitment has been found positive. A positive and significant correlation has been found between self esteem and organizational commitment ()
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