• The success gained by certain Internet companies that offer their services and content to users of their websites free of charge (e.g. Google) is based on the loyalty shown by a large proportion of their users. Specifically, the greater the loyalty to services offered on a website, the more attractive the site is for companies to advertise their products, this advertising being the basic source of financing for this type of business model (ad-based model). This paper analyzes the influence of the degree of trust and perceived risk on consumers' loyalty to this type of website (e.g. news services, search engines, portals, etc.). The results show the positive influence of trust on the lo- yalty expressed by users. It also tests whether the influence of trust on loyalty is established indirectly through per- ceived risk. We show that the greater the trust, the lower the level of perceived risk, which brings about greater lo- yalty. These results enable us to make various suggestions for improving the management of this type of service. ()
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  • Un an?lisis de la influencia de la confianza y del riesgo percibido sobre la lealtad a un sitio web: el caso de la distribuci?n de servicios gratuitos 1 ()


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