• As a result of a field research study for adoption of mobile Banking services (M.B.S), by approach banking to customer satisfaction in the Melli bank of Mashhad has been examined. In this study, the methodologies of descriptivecorrelational and cross-sectional survey were employed. Our Statistic society of this Study consisted of all individuals eligible who were available for completing the distinct questionnaire in special sites considered were to complete them. Random sampling of 234 cases was selected from clients of this bank. At Beginning in data Analysis Information, Survey for the reliability of the theoretical models, evaluated via the application of Amos software. Then Available information through the SPSS and Amos Software were analyzed. The results showed that five variable comprise: Familiarity with Bank, Information quality, trust, Perceived Usefulness, and ease of use, have a direct significant relationship to customer satisfaction in mobile Banking service, while the relationship between design qualities, have not a significant relationship whit customer satisfaction for. ()
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  • The Survey of affecting factors on adoption mobile banking services, via customer satisfaction approach (Case STUDY: Melli Bank of Masshad City) ()


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