• Researches on marketing channels constitute an important part of marketing research. With the change of the competitive situations in the markets and the development of the marketing theories, the focus of the marketing channels research changed from emphasizing on efficiency and benefits to power and conflicts, and then to relationship and alliance as well as networking. Most of the previous marketing channel studies have applied an efficiency-based task environment perspective and largely overlooked a legitimacy-based institutional environment approach in studying the process of channel governance. In the paper, I propose that marketing channel is a kind of institutional arrangement and interorganizational relationship in the nature. So companies must pay attention to the degree of acceptance and agreement of their decisions and behaviors when they are governing marketing channels. The paper first reviews previous theories and studies on marketing channel governance and inter-organizational relationships. The author absorbs valuable ideas from them and proposes a theoretical framework and some propositions, and explains and tests the framework and the propositions through two case studies. ()
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  • An Inter-organizational Perspective on Marketing Channels Governance: The Influence of the Institutional Environment ()


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