• In general, perceptions of information systems (IS) success have been investigated within two primary research streams--the user satisfaction literature and the technology acceptance literature. These two approaches have been developed in parallel and have not been reconciled or integrated. This paper develops an integrated research model that distinguishes beliefs and attitudes about the system (i.e., object-based beliefs and attitudes) from beliefs and attitudes about using the system (i.e., behavioral beliefs and attitudes) to build the theoretical logic that links the user satisfaction and technology acceptance literature. The model is then tested using a sample of 465 users from seven different organizations who completed a survey regarding their use of data warehousing software. The proposed model was supported, providing preliminary evidence that the two perspectives can and should be integrated. The integrated model helps build the bridge from design and implementation decisions to system characteristics (a core strength of the user satisfaction literature) to the prediction of usage (a core strength of the technology acceptance literature). ()
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  • A Theoretical Integration of User Satisfaction and Technology Acceptance ()
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