• Organizational pathology or diagnosis is a comprehensive inspection of the organization's units in relation to progress towards the goals carried out by each organization's leaders and managers. The aim of diagnosis is not only to look for the defects, but the goal is also to find the current status regarding the preset programs and policies. The current situation may be appropriate or may need to be changed and modified. Therefore, identifying and understanding the problems would be of the first activities done in the organizational change. In fact, pathology gives credit to the organizational change in a lawful and inseparable part of the methodology. Many methods have been provided to institutionalize organizational pathology. The pathology scope includes detailed addressing to all systems and every single problem. Given the importance of the topic, the present study aimed to evaluate the pathology of performance evaluation system in Abadan refinery. After a review of previous research and making a conceptual model, a questionnaire was prepared and submitted to the employees of the organization. Finally, data obtained from 335 questionnaires was analyzed. The data was analyzed by SPSS software and using Amos structural equations. The results of this study indicated that the employees were satisfied with none of the studied factors, and all these factors in the performance evaluation system were damaged. Among them, the manager support had the lowest damage, and the assessment process met the highest damage. On the other hand, through ranking the variables by Friedman test, we came to the conclusion that the feedback and manager's support variables had higher priorities. Keywords: Pathology; Performance evaluation system; Performance evaluation; Abadan Refinery ()
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  • Pathology of Employee Performance Evaluation System in Abadan Refinery ()
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