• Governments around the world have been introducing E-government applications to enhance the delivery of service to their customers. The Malaysian government is without exception. One of the e- government applications introduced is the myEPF i-akaun system, which was introduced by the Employees Provident Fund, an organization under the Ministry of Finance. Since its inception, the actual adoption rate is still relatively low. This study is descriptive in nature with the aim of identifying the factors that influence the intention to use the system. Empirical data was collected through a survey conducted among working adults. A total of one hundred and fifty three questionnaires were used for analysis. The results indicate that attitude, perceived ease of use and compatibility are significant in influencing the intention to use the system. The findings of this study may be used by EPF to improve their existing systems and to concentrate on factors that may help increase the system usage. ()
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  • Factors Influencing Intention to Use MYEPF I-Akaun ()


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