• In mid 1990's some corporate executives realised the ability of the web site to influence company's image significantly. Nowadays, particularly in the e-business environment, this influence is becoming very evident, forcing companies all over the world to pay attention to web site features more than ever. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the importance of the customers' impressions of web sites plays an important role in defining the way companies communicate with their customers. This research paper investigates the importance of the features of the content of the web site, as well as their influence on company's image. Some of these features include: providing useful information on a web site, having recent and up-to-date content, level of interaction, using valuable graphics, etc. The research reported in this paper also looks at the changes of the perceptions about companies' image occurring after visiting and evaluating their web sites. ()
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  • 10.1109/ITI.2005.1491167 ()
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  • Influence of the content of the website on company's image ()


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