• This paper aims to examine the impact of relationship marketing dimensions (namely trust, long term relationship, technology orientation, service quality, satisfaction, loyalty programme and brand image) on customer loyalty in the mobile telecom market in India. To test the proposed model in the context of mobile telecom services, the authors use data collected from a pilot survey of 120 sales professionals who are using mobile services for business usage to pre-test the conceptual model. The data were factor-analysed, reliability was tested to determine the key dimensions of relationship marketing and for performing the subsequent multivariate analyses. Interest in the subjects of relationship marketing and customer loyalty has been growing among marketing researchers and practitioners. This study reinforces and refines the body of knowledge relating to relationship marketing tactics in the mobile telecom industry in India that can be used in the management for a better relationship with customers, and enhances users' mobile service usage. ()
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  • Exploring relationship marketing dimensions and their effect on customer loyalty - a study of Indian mobile telecom market ()
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