• Those studies in the field of Management Information Systems and the Success Model of the DeLone and McLean`s Information Systems suggest that some factors related to information systems should be developed and operated to affect the performance of the user`s personal and companies through the introduction and use of corporate information systems. The purpose of this study is put on searching for some factors which impact on user satisfaction about the customer information management systems of call center. We did conduct on a survey of 539 people who are working as a call center counseling employees as setting up a structural equation model which reflects previous research on working environment and job satisfaction, and modified DeLone and McLean`s information system success model. The results of this study are as follows. First, seven of the eleven hypotheses that three quality of the information systems might be affecting working environment, job satisfaction, user satisfaction were adopted Second, we confirmed that the working environment works as a the partial mediation and the quality of services works as a fully mediation between system/information quality and users` satisfaction. The implications of this study are that it is necessary not only to make a good working environment but also to keep improving it in order to boost the operational performance of information systems in the future. ()
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  • An Empirical Study on Enhancing User Satisfaction of Customer Service Information Systems ()
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