• The main aim of this research is to investigate the role of web portals in improving job performance at the individual level from the perspective of employees as users. This is deemed significant as yet little research has assessed the success of web portals in delivering benefits at the individual level in terms of improved performance in developing countries. The DeLone and McLean IS success model was used as a foundational theory and then was refined to match the context of the current research. In fact, the functions and features of portals were identified, clustered and then linked to portals' quality factors: system quality, information quality, and service quality. Moreover, job performance of employees is measured through task innovation, task productivity, customer satisfaction, and management control. This research follows a case study approach where the phenomenon was examined in the natural setting of the selected company i.e., ProgressSoft in Amman-Jordan, and a survey questionnaire was developed for data collection purposes. Findings have shown that the developed model explained about 69.6% of the variance in 'job performance'. ()
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  • Measuring web portals success: a respecification and validation of the DeLone and McLean information systems success model ()
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