• Present study is conducted to evaluate and identify the most important e-baking service quality Dimensions in Iranian banking industry which would finally yield to more customers' satisfaction and Brand Equity. To this end, Refah bank is used for this study. The research is a survey – type. To collect data, a questionnaire was used that was a combination of different resources in the relevant literature. A sample consisting of 384 customers of the bank in Tehran was selected. Structural Equation Model (SEM) and Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) as well as two LISREL and SPSS software packages were used to analyze data. Research findings indicate significant impact of “Accessibility”, “Easiness”, “Trust”, “Security”, “Website designing”, “Website content”, “Speed” and “Commission” on “Satisfaction” and the significant impact of “Satisfaction” on “Brand Equity”. ()
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  • The Impact of E-Baking Service Quality Dimensions on Customers' Satisfaction and Brand Equity (Case Study: Refah Bank, Tehran) ()
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