• Users' continuance intention is vital to the future of micro-blogging service with rapid development and intensive competitions among its providers. This study examines how network externalities, in terms of perceived network size and perceived complementarity, enhance micro-blogging service users' perceived interactivity, and how such perception of interactivity, in turn, influences their satisfaction and continuance intention. Perceived interactivity contains four dimensions: control, playfulness, connectedness, and responsiveness. The results indicate that the four dimensions of perceived interactivity are significantly affected by perceived network size and perceived complementarity. Among the four dimensions of perceived interactivity, control, playfulness, and connectedness are positively related to micro-blogging service users' satisfaction, which further significantly impacts their continuance intention. ()
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  • Enhancing perceived interactivity through network externalities: An empirical study on micro-blogging service satisfaction and continuance intention ()
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