• The circumstances surrounding the termination of marriage are examined in relation to the aftermath of marital separation. Social exchange theory provides a framework for representing the end of marriage. Data were collected from a nonprobability sample of 205 individuals in central Pennsylvania, who were first interviewed in depth soon after their final separation. Measures are developed to assess the attractions in marriage, external pressures to remain married, alternative attractions to the marriage, and acceptance of marital termination. Multiple regression analysis demonstrates that 41 % of the variance in acceptance of marital termination can be explained by marital history variables. Several bivariate and multivariate hypotheses are tested, providing insight into the similarities and differences between males and females in postmarital adjustment. The paper concludes with a descriptive analysis of several dimensions of the process of marital dissolution and its aftermath. ()
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  • The End of Marriage and Acceptance of Marital Termination. ()
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