• Though many countries are still just beginning to grasp the potential uses and impacts of Electronic-government EG, advances in technologies and their applications continue. Observing the proliferation of EG, countries are increasingly turning to the Internet to market their EG system to gain a competitive advantage. However, the effectiveness and efficiency of such online government systems largely depends on the mission of implementing EG. For successful adoption and implementation of EG, it is essential that a country first identify an explicit objective and a specific strategy. We have examined implementation strategies of EG of seven diverse countries whose objectives and mission for implementing EG differ significantly. However, they have the following strategies in common: i extensive application of information and communication technology ICT in the public sector; ii overall reformation of the public sector; iii development of a better quality service structure; and iv more cohesive integration of citizens with government. ()
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  • E-Government Implementation Perspective: Setting Objective and Strategy ()
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