• This paper is a continuation of our research effort to develop a new approach to total relationship management. It is a theoretical and conceptual one, providing marketing and management ideas on how to integrate total quality management (TQM) and total relationship management (TRM) in order to achieve better quality relationships, product/service and process. Aims to shed light on how TRM and TQM can be integrated, and to suggest how the work on TQM can add impetus to successful TRM. First, the role of quality in customer satisfaction and relationships, and the main philosophy behind TRM, are discussed. TRM, quality, loyalty and profitability are examined; some TQM tools are suggested for possible use with the TRM approach to improve its functions. Finally, the common grounds of TQM and TRM, and the common principles for TRM success, are identified. ()
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  • Exploring the common ground of total relationship management (TRM) and total quality management (TQM) ()
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