• Preface G. Kozmetsky. Part I: Concepts, Models & Computation. 1. Introduction. 2. Basic DEA Models. 3. Extensions to DEA Models. 4. Computational Aspects of DEA A. Iqbal Ali. 5. DEA Software Packages. Part II: Novel Applications. 6. Evaluating the Impacts of Operating Strategies on Efficiency in the U.S. Airline Industry R.D. Banker, H.H. Johnston. 7. Analyzing Technical and Allocative Efficiency of Hospitals P. Byrnes, V. Valdmanis. 8. A Multi Period Analysis of Market Segments and Brand Efficiency in the Competitive Carbonated Beverage Industry A. Charnes, W.w. Cooper, B. Golanyi, F.Y. Phillips, J.J. Rousseau. 9. Exploring why Some Physicians' Hospital Practices are More Efficient: Taking DEA Inside the Hospital J. Chilingerian. 10. On the Measurement and Monitoring of Relative Efficiency of Highway Maintenance Patrols W.D. Cook, A. Kazakov, Y. Roll. 11. Strategic Leaders in the U.S. Brewing Industry: a Longitudinal Analysis of Outliers D. Day, A.Y. Lewin, R. Salazar, Hongyu Li. 12. A Spatial Efficiency Framework for the Support of Locational Decision A. Desai, K. Haynes, J. Storbeck. 13. Productivity Developments in Swedish Hospitals: a Malmquist Output Index Approach R. Fare, S. Grosskopf, B. Lindgren, P. Roos. 14. Ownership Type, Property Rights and Relative Efficiency G. Ferrier. 15. A Comparative Analysis of Ferry Transport in Norway F.R. Forsund, E. Hernaes. 16. Incorporating Standards via Data Envelopment Analysis B. Golany, Y. Roll. 17.Stratified Models of Education Production Using Modified DEA and Regression Analysis C.A. Knox Lovell, L.C. Walters, L.L. Woods. 18. The Problems of New and Disappearing Commodities in the Construction of Price Indexes C.A. Knox Lovell, K.D. Zieschang. 19. Evaluating the Relative Efficiency of Baseball Players? M.J. Mazur. 20. Sensitivity Analysis of Efficiency Measures with Applications to Kansas Farming and Illinois Coal Mining R. Thompson, P.S. Dharmapala, R.M. Thrall. Part III: Epilogue: Process and Bibliography. 21. The DEA Process, Usages and Interpretations. 22. DEA Bibliography L.M. Seiford. References. Index. ()
  • Data Envelopment Analysis: Theory, Methodology, and Applications ()
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  • Data Envelopment Analysis: Theory, Methodology and Application ()
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