• Blended learning (BL) is a learning method in which it is a combination between traditional face-to-face and online method. It has been implemented several years ago but the facilities provided are still underutilized. In this study, questionnaires were used as the instrument and the targeted respondents are the students of BL classes regardless of their program. Thus, the purpose of this study is to explore the critical factors that affecting students' satisfaction in BL based on the relevant constructs from D&M ISS Model. Results of the study show that there are only five components extracted from the factor analysis process namely service quality, system quality, intention of use, information quality and satisfaction. These five components explained a total of 79.02 per cent of the variance and with 0.958 Cronbach's Alpha reliability test. The factors that have been identified can be used as a guideline for the institution in implementing blended learning method in teaching and learning environment. The concluding part will discuss more on the associated limitations of this research along with the suggestions for future research directions. ()
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  • Students' satisfaction on blended learning: The use of factor analysis ()


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