• The objective of this study is to investigate the concept of trustworthiness and then examine its effect within the venue of the hotel sector. Given trustworthiness accepted importance to relationship marketing, there appears to be a failure to develop a coherent framework to indicate trustworthiness. This is a gap that this thesis addresses and by doing so, it will extend the body of knowledge by contributing to our understanding of the construct and its determinants. The main hypothesis in this thesis is identifying the determinants of trustworthiness with an outcome as part of a causal model. Within the proposed model, the determinants; consistency, competence, integrity, benevolence, value alignment and communication are assumed to have a positive impact on trustworthiness. In turn, trustworthiness has a positive impact on both attitudinal loyalty and behavioural loyalty, the two types of loyalty are proposed as the model outcome, whereas the previous six determinants are proposed as antecedents of trustworthiness. In order to test the proposed hypotheses, a new measurement scale was developed in order to evaluate trustworthiness with its determinants and outcome, the model was tested within the hotel sector in Jordan where over 526 respondents took part in the main survey collection, 60 respondents participated in the pilot study along with 11 interviewees. The results from the empirical study revealed that the hypothesised model is valid and significant, in which all the antecedents of trustworthiness had a significant loading as well as the model corollaries. These loadings vary in its significance and strength; this created a clearer picture on the expected impact of each of these determinants once the model being applied within service organisations. ()
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  • Relationship marketing : an evaluation of trustworthiness within the Jordanian hotel sector ()


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