• Part 1 The lexical database: nouns in WordNet, George A. Miller modifiers in WordNet, Katherine J. Miller a semantic network of English verbs, Christiane Fellbaum design and implementation of the WordNet lexical database and searching software, Randee I. Tengi. Part 2: automated discovery of WordNet relations, Marti A. Hearst representing verb alterations in WordNet, Karen T. Kohl et al the formalization of WordNet by methods of relational concept analysis, Uta E. Priss. Part 3 Applications of WordNet: building semantic concordances, Shari Landes et al performance and confidence in a semantic annotation task, Christiane Fellbaum et al WordNet and class-based probabilities, Philip Resnik combining local context and WordNet similarity for word sense identification, Claudia Leacock and Martin Chodorow using WordNet for text retrieval, Ellen M. Voorhees lexical chains as representations of context for the detection and correction of malapropisms, Graeme Hirst and David St-Onge temporal indexing through lexical chaining, Reem Al-Halimi and Rick Kazman COLOR-X - using knowledge from WordNet for conceptual modelling, J.F.M. Burg and R.P. van de Riet knowledge processing on an extended WordNet, Sanda M. Harabagiu and Dan I Moldovan appendix - obtaining and using WordNet. ()
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