• This paper generates a new perspective on the growing literature in new product development (NPD): firm ownership and the determinants of success and failure of NPD firms operating in a Chinese region which has experienced unprecedented change. Cooper and Kleinschmidt's conceptual framework is utilised. 126 new product projects, from 84 firms were investigated using a structured survey. Results are compared with those from studies in Canada, Korea, Japan and Slovenia. Contrary to other studies' findings, a hostile market environment was found to be facilitative rather than a major de-facilitator. We then further examined NPD activities in three different types of manufacturing firms in Guangdong: state-owned, joint venture/foreign owned and private firms. A comparison with an earlier study conducted in China focusing mainly on state-owned firms is made and the paper concludes by drawing out implications for managers operating in China. ()
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  • Firm Ownership And The Determinants Of Success And Failure In New Product Development: An Empirical Study Of Manufacturing Firms In The Guangdong Province Of China ()
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