• Abstract : There are four basic questions related to efficiency and capability which are of particular interest to officials in the military services who are interested in better ways of evaluating military capability and efficiency: (1) What level of military capability can the services achieve with available resources? (2) What capability is required, and where are the shortfalls? (3) What resource acquisitions or redistributions are needed to achieve maximum improvement in efficiency and effectiveness? and (4) How can management systems be changed to improve the identification and correction of factors which limit the readiness and efficiency of our military operations? The last question, which differs in its emphasis from the other three, provides an opening to the topics that will be addressed in this report. In particular, reported are results from a study of DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) as a method for evaluating the efficiency of Air Force Wings--or, more precisely, their maintenance operations--as elements in Numbered Units in the U.S. Air Force. ()
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  • A developmental study of data envelopment analysis in measuring the efficiency of maintenance units in the U.S. air forces ()
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