• Abstract The purpose of this study is to examine the relationships between Product Quality (Popularity, Playfulness) and Information Quality (Informativeness, Reliability), System Quality (Ease of Use, Security), Trust and Continuance Intention in Smart Phone Application Market. To identify these affecting relationships, the secondary data or past studies were collected and theoretically arranged. I made the theoretical proposed model to explain the relationships between the constructs, identify the operational definitions and 13 Hypotheses were established, there was executed the survey of 250 customers of Smart Phone Application Market. Using the collected data, previous performances to confirm the construct validity and internal consistency by C ronbach's  was executed and Partial Least Square Analysis to confirm the hypotheses in proposed model was conducted using the Smart-PLS Software.As the result of test that make the relations of used variables clear, we can get the conclusion as followings; First, Product Popularity has the positive effect on Informativeness, except reliability of Information. Second, it was significantly tested the effect on the Ease of use and Security by Product Playfulness. Third, Informativeness and Ease of Use, Security of App Store have the significantly posit ive effects on the Users' Trust directly. From the empirical test, I suggest the strategic advices in App Store Companies. T o increase the Users' Continuance Intention or Loyalty, it would be developed that a variety of methods and ways to raise the Product Popularity and Playfulness, Informativeness, Ease of Use and Security of App Store. It is n ecessary for sticking the Users to raise the positive trust building and Continuance Intention. ()
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  • 10.7737/KMSR.2013.30.3.033 ()
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  • The Impacts of Perceived Attributes on Continuance of the Smart Phone App Store ()
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