• Life is being developed every day in all of the life aspects. One of the major developing aspects is information technology (IT), and communication technology which makes life easier, faster, and more connected. ICT is evolving fast in Jordan and offering the government to deliver multiple delivery services with different characteristics among E-government services. The Jordanian government has invested heavily in E-government initiatives for the last 10 years to transform from traditional service delivery to more effective and efficient service to deliver high-quality customer-centric and performance-driven services to E-government stakeholders. However the global rank of E-government readiness as well as regional rank of Jordan is still in low rank according to the global countries but it is still quite according to the Arab countries. This research provides a trend analysis to find the trends (positive or negative) in the UN E-government indicators in Jordan and provides an overview to the E-government in Jordan where the researchers analyze the development of E-government in Jordan by introducing a general framework for the E-government through discussing the past, present status and the future plans for E-government in Jordan to get better service to their recipients and to improve overall progress of Jordan achievements compared with regional and global countries. ()
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