• Abstract This study developed a profile of managers of corporations in Greece, focusing on the amount of IT use and the value of and satisfaction with computer-based information (CBI) in making decisions on planning, controlling, and operating. A detailed descriptive analysis of survey responses indicated that: (1) these managers used information technology (IT) as a valuable, everyday tool; (2) of Mintzberg's four decision roles, respondents rated the value of CBI highest for the resource allocator role; (3) all levels of management rated CBI the highest in supporting the evaluation step in decision making; (4) the highest use of CBI was for short-term decisions; (5) computer-based information systems (CBIS) were more valuable to the manager's mental model for guiding planning, controlling, and operating decisions than for forming or revising the manager's mental model of the corporation; and (6) first line supervisors and information systems (IS) managers were most satisfied with CBIS. ()
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  • Information technology use by managers in Greece to support decision making: amount, perceived value, and satisfaction ()
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