• Abstract : As the beauty industry has strong intangible attributes unlike the other service industry, the provision of ser-vice quality capable of fulfilling customer's desire and customer's satisfaction activity due to this are important. The pur-pose of this research is to provide marketing materials capable of maximizing consumer's satisfaction as a study onassessment of service quality according to a character type of customers by beauty shop type with the target of customersusing a beauty shop. The sub-dimension of a personality type of beauty shop's customers is five factors, which werenamed neurose, sincerity, extroversion, openness and affinity, and the sub-dimension of service quality is five factors,which were named specialty, responsiveness, empathy, tangibility and reliability. It could be known that the service qualityaccording to the character type of customers by beauty shop has influence on all of tangibility, reliability, expertise, respon -siveness and empathy factors. Accordingly, this research woul be utilized as good material for service improvement thatcan divide service quality by beauty shop and maximize satisfaction of consumers. Based on the above research results,marketing implications are that the customized promotional management according to the character type of customers bybeauty shop is necessary and the granular management manual according to customer's differentiation by beauty shop isnecessary. The effect that a personality type of customers by beauty shop has on the empathy factor among service qualityfactors shows a significant difference in neurose and openness factors in case of beauty salons, and shows a significantdifference in sincerity and openness factors in case of skin care salons.Key words:Beauty shops, Personality Type, service quality ()
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  • 10.5805/KSCI.2010.12.5.657 ()
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  • The Society of Fashion and Textile Industry ()
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  • A Study on the Service Quality Assessment according to Character Type of Customers by Beauty Shop Type ()
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