• E-government web portal service level and service quality are critical factors that determine user's adoption and continuance use. The paper reports results of a study that examines user's adoption and continuance intention (CI) of e-government web portal from the perspective of service level and service quality. Three types of user groups are identified based on the purposes of use and the primary activities: information acquisition, information exchange, and transaction processing. Service quality is measured by web portal's information quality, design/function, reliability, security and privacy, and system responsiveness. A research model is proposed and tested using data based on a sample of 630 individual e-government web portal users in China. Results show that web portal's service quality affects user's adoption and continuance intention and the effect differs among different types of user groups. Implications based on the findings of the study are discussed in term of e-government web portal implementation. ()
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  • E-Government Web Portal Adoption: A Service Level and Service Quality Perspective ()


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