• Other studies (Igbaria and Tan, 1997; Stratopoulos and Dehning, 2000; Campbell, 2002) also looked into organisations IT investment, very little attention was given to the users of such technology in terms of their time and money invested. ()
  • This is a deviation from other similar studies (e.g., Adams et al., 1992; Chin and Todd, 1995; Davis, 1993; Davis and Venkatesh, 1996; Gefen and Straub, 1997; Igbaria and Tan, 1997; Mathieson, 1991; Segars and Grover, 1993; Szajna, 1996; Taylor and Todd, 1995; Venkatesh, 1999; Venkatesh and Davis, 1996; Venkatesh and Morris, 2000) that focussed on improving or extending the TAM constructs. ()


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