• This paper examines the success of an e-learning system in a company from the perspective of employees by using a multimethod approach. For this purpose Moodle learning management system was used. The success of e-learning as an information system was evaluated using four constructs of the updated DeLone and McLean IS success model--system quality, use, user satisfaction and net benefits, and adding one more construct--user performance. In this research a combination of observation and survey as two different research methods was used, which allowed the new measure to be incorporated into the model. Empirical assessment was carried out by exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling. The research model was found to be valid and reliable. The results provide an expanded understanding of the constructs that measure the success of an e-learning system, helping to more deeply understand the key success dimensions and their interrelationships. The implications of our work were discussed. The DeLone and McLean IS success model applied equally well. However, the use of observation as a method of data collection revealed the weaknesses of the original model. ()
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  • Developing a model to assess the success of e-learning systems: evidence from a manufacturing company in transitional economy ()
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